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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment: Avoid Being Misled

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment: Avoid Being Misled

As with other holistic forms of treatments, there is much misinformation about hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) online. Some people are misled by this information and feel let down, upset, and even angry treatments were not effective for treating a specific type of illness or disease, which they were lead to believe would help. Unfortunately, there are places out there that will feed the public certain claims and other false details about the benefits of HBOT, such as being a holistic cure for cancer, which is not the case whatsoever. Some of the other more common illnesses and disease that these so-called sites promote HBOT for and misinform people that they could be cured includes: Diabetes Autism HIV/AIDS Parkinson’s Disease Alzheimer’s Disease Spinal Cord Injuries Depression Stroke ...

Mississauga HBOT and Stress: What You Need to Know?

Mississauga HBOT and Stress : What You Need to Know?

Stress is a common emotional response most of us experience. How it affects us, largely depends upon how we are able to deal with the emotion when we realize it is starting to impact our day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, there is no way to fully eliminate stress as it does have its benefits, as you will see shortly. However, it is when stress reaches too high of a level it can lead to anxiety, worry, and panic attacks, as well as lower our immune response and lead to increased risks for illnesses and diseases. How Is Stress Beneficial? Stress helps motivate us and keep us active. It stimulates brain functions and allows us to perform deductive reasoning, improves our concentration, and allows us to focus on specific tasks....


The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) offers a wide array of benefits for people, depending upon their overall health and current medical condition. HBOT is a process where the body is exposed to 100% pure oxygen through intermittent treatments, at increased atmospheric pressures. To better help illustrate the benefits people gain, consider the following: At normal atmospheric pressure, an average person is exposed to about 20% oxygen. The rest of the air we breathe is mostly nitrogen. In addition, at normal atmospheric pressure, the body is exposed to approximately 15 pounds of pressure per square inch of body mass. During HBOT sessions, the atmospheric pressure is doubled, which means the body is exposed to around 30 pounds of pressure per square inch of body mass. Further, all nitrogen...


Some Frequently Asked Questions about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

When looking at Hyperbaric oxygen therapy there are many questions people have about what it is exactly as well as the benefits of using Hyperbaric chambers for therapy.  The first thing everyone wants to know is what Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is.  They will also want to know what does this type of therapy treat.  Then, they are interested in the benefits of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)? Many people think of an iron lung or other such thing when they hear Hyperbaric oxygen therapy or Hyperbaric chamber.  This may have been the case years ago, however, now many medical professionals are finding other benefits of using Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  When you undergo HBOT your body’s natural healing process is enhanced by inhaling 100%...

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Here is your chance to set up or transfer your practice for the long term in the comfort of a modern clinic beside Lake Ontario in the heart of Port Credit, Mississauga. The clinic has been in operation since 2008, offering primarily Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. As of 2016, medical services have expanded to offer Wound Care and Debridement, Hypertension and Kidney Disease Management, Biocellular Regenerative Medicine. You can operate your clinic as a walk in clinic or see patients by appointment only. We provide: Receptionist support, EMR (ABELMed), in house OHIP billing Flexible hours of service - The clinic is open seven days a week with ample free parking Collaboritive multidisciplinary healthcare team Competitive fee for service split We welcome you to come by for a visit. Please call...