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Hyperbaric Treatment Center

  • Sechrist supplies more monoplace hyperbaric chambers than all other manufacturers combined with over 1300 installed in the USA alone.

  • Sechrist is the only true manufacturer for HBO chambers, with most precision components machined in Sechrist's manufacturing facility.

  • Sechrist supports our large installed base with a network of over 100 domestic and international distributors.

  • Sechrist products are built from uncompromised engineering and strict adherence to quality standards.

  • Sechrist's manufacturing facility is highly integrated, including complete acrylic tube casting and finishing capabilities (only facility in the US), a state-of-the-art machining capability, a paint shop and assembly/testing capability.

  • The acrylic and metal hyperbaric chamber pressure vessels are manufactured to A.S.M.E., P.V.H.O and N.F.P.A. Codes and Standards.

  • Sechrist has been qualified and maintains certification with A.S.M.E. as a pressure vessel manufacturer.

  • Sechrist's facility operates in accordance with F.D.A. G.M.P. regulations, and its products are Class I and Class II devices with F.D.A. marketing clearance. 

Monoplace chambers are National Fire Protection Association (N.F.P.A) Class B devices that can be pressurized up to 3 ATA with 100% oxygen. Monoplace, or single person, chambers are the most widely used for HBOT.  

  • There is no need for masks or hoods to supply the oxygen.
  • The chambers are fitted with flat screen T.V entertainment with your choice of over 400 movies
  • Constant two way communication with the Registered Repiratory Therapist/Certified Hyperbaric Technologist.
  • The 3600 E Sechrist monoplace chamber is digitally operated for the safest and most accurate hyperbaric treatments possible.

Sechrist Industries, Inc. is the trusted provider of hyperbaric chambers to clinics across the country and around the world. In fact, Sechrist has sold more than three times the number of hyperbaric oxygen chambers installed in the US than all the other manufacturers combined. Sechrist continues to develop and evolve our comprehensive line of monoplace hyperbaric oxygen chambers and educate the world of the benefits of hyperbaric medicine. 

Sechrist Industries, Inc. has designed hyperbaric chambers for over 35 years with the highest level of safety standards. All Sechrist monoplace hyperbaric chambers are meticulously designed and manufactured down to the finest detail. Every part and process is thoroughly validated and tested over the entire production system before leaving the Sechrist manufacturing facility. Sechrist Industries follows the most stringent of processes and procedures thus creating the highest quality and highest reliability hyperbaric chamber on the market.  The cylinders of Sechrist Industries’ hyperbaric oxygen chambers are all fabricated of polished acrylic that meets the Safety Standard for Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy.

Facts about Sechrist Industries

H.E.R.O - Hyperbaric Electronic Records Organizer™

Accuracy. Efficient. Optimized Healing

Under Pressure is pleased to announce the addition of the H.E.R.O systems to our 4 existing chambers and adding 2 more chambers to our treatment facility with integrated H.E.R.O systems. 

We have taken the next step with Sechrist, by adding a chamber and patient treatment data acquisition software that is unparalleled in hyperbaric medicine. H.E.R.O.™ allows vital record sharing,  with accurate recordkeeping, allowing caregivers to spend more time with patients, and reduces the chance of error while electronically recording every step of the hyperbaric treatment process.

The addition of these systems and our 2 new chambers (6 total) has established Under Pressure Inc. as one of the largest and most advanced Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Clinics in Canada.


The most advanced Hyperbaric Chamber Technology


"as simple as oxygen, 

                             with the pressure to heal"